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Heavy Petal Diffuser


The Heavy Petal Diffuser is a fragrance of voluptuous blooms, toasted Spices and smoked Lavender with dark floral slow-dancing smoked woods. A warm wintery fragrance that will tantalise your senses and creative a soft cosy ambience.

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Top Notes: Geranium, Tulip Petals, Black Pepper, Lemon Leaves
Middle Notes: Smoked Lavender, Oregano, Cream, Indian Spices
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Charcoal, Patchouli


Adjust the amount of fragrance diffused by turning the reeds more or less frequently – 1-2 times per week or when you see dry reed tips.
For best results keep out of direct sunlight, heat and drafts, and ensure the lid is screwed on tightly. Flip the reeds as often or as little as you like depending on how much fragrance you’re after.
You may observe initial rapid evaporation of a Glasshouse Fragrance Diffuser, however this evaporation will slow down over time but the quality of the fragrance will not change. Please refer to the enclosed care instructions to get the best performance.


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