• gin and tonic body wash
  • gin and tonic body wash

Gin and Tonic Body Wash


  • Replace all that clutter in your shower with one bottle. By using this 3 in 1 Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner, you’ll notice:

    1) Your skin will feel soft and supple after washing. As you apply the gel to your body, you’ll notice a gentle lather that cleans without being too harsh.

    2) Your hair will be squeaky clean, soft & healthy. Once you work it into the hair, the gel transforms into a thick foaming lather that will help remove built up sweat, dirt & styling product. At the same time it will pull moisture into the follicles to condition & strengthen your hair.

    3) You’ll have less clutter in your bathroom as this one product does the job of a separate traditional body wash, shampoo & conditioner.

    4) The stunning Gin & Tonic fragrance will gently emanate from your body & hair through the day. It’s not just a fake fragrance either. We make ours using real Gin extract obtained from the processing facility of Devils Thumb Distillery in Port Douglas. It turns something that usually gets thrown away, into a delectable aroma. You’re probably going to get compliments… a lot!

    5) You’ll feel a sense of pride every time you have a shower, knowing you’ve got a high quality boutique body wash, built especially for guys, not like that cheap & nasty stuff you get from the supermarket.

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