• clay pomade hair leave in conditioner

Clay Pomade Hair Leave in Conditioner


  • Clay Pomay is a game changer. In one easy application, you’ll notice:

    1) The creamy pomade works through and dissolves into your hair instantly.

    2) Your hair becomes easy to style. However you style the hair, it is held assertively in place. The hold level is medium to strong. It’s particularly great for thin hair (because it adds volume) and short, textured styles.

    3) Your hair remains matte and does not show any obvious signs that you’ve applied a styling product, so it looks like you’ve effortlessly made an awesome hair style.

    4) The highly coveted King of Wood fragrance will turn your hair into a weapon of mass seduction. This is a seriously seductive woody cologne fragrance, not some tutti frutti nonsense.

    5) Over time, the conditioning ingredients like collagen aminos, MCT oil, argan oil, glycerin & Kakadu Plum extract, make your hair feel stronger & healthier.

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